Frequently Asked Questions

How am I charged?

Vans are charged out on a per day basis. Caravans are available to pick up from 8am and drop off up till 5pm. (Arrangements can be made outside these times.) Pick up and Drop off days are included in the calculation of Hire Charges – not nightly hire.

Is there a Bond and will I have to pay it?

Yes, you have to pay it. Yes, you will get it back – after we have ensured that the van is returned in the same condition it was in when you hired it. Your Bond will normally be returned within 7 days. Refer to the Hire T&Cs for more details.  Our Security Bond is $1200.00

Is the hire caravan insured?

All Victorian Caravan Hire caravans are comprehensively insured .A breach of the hire agreement terms and conditions will void this Cover. It is important to read and understand these terms & conditions.

What Am I Liable For?

  • The vehicle is totally or partially immersed in water (regardless of the cause. Subject to Insurance Policy Definitions.)
  • The interior of the vehicle is damaged (regardless of the cause.)
  • The vehicle is damaged by driving it under or into an object lower than the height of the vehicle.
  • All damages up to the value of the excess . ( including damage to tyres & rims,punctures)
  • All awning repair costs are the responsibility of the hirer regardless of cost

Towing Weights

As stated in the Hire Contract, before you hire one of our Caravans, let’s make sure that our vans are suitable for your needs, and the towing vehicle has the capacity to tow the Caravan that you wish to hire. This information is simple to find:

  1. Your vehicle Manufacturer’s Owners Handbook. – Towing section: This is where you will find your vehicle’s ‘Gross Vehicle Mass’ rating. Compare this with the weight of the Caravan you wish to hire from us. You then need to consider how much weight (ie, your personal belongings) you add to your hire van, so as to ensure that the total loaded weight complies with your vehicle’s specifications.
  2. The ‘rating plate’ attached to your car’s towbar. The information on this plate will tell you the rated ‘Maximum Towing Capacity’, in kgs, of your towbar. This will be confirmed on pickup of the Hire Caravan.
  3. It is the Hirers responsibility to maintain legal weights as displayed on individual  caravans.

Brakes, Brakes & More Brakes??

All Victorian Caravan Hire vans are fitted with an ‘electric braking system’; which works in tandem, with the towing vehicle (ie, your car). Your car will need to be wired for electronic brakes. We have available a Portable Brake Control Unit, which will be suitable for most modern vehicles. This unit will be temporarily fitted to your car. Alternatively (and we strongly recommend for longer term hires) we can assist with contact details of a local qualified installer who can fit a suitable, low-cost electric braking accessory to your tow vehicle.

Maybe I don’t want to Tow it!

Victorian Caravan Hire provide a Delivery &/or Setup & a Pack Up &/or Pickup Service. Conditions and Additional Charges apply. Please enquire, if interested.

Can I bring pets?

Small Pets will be considered. Please discuss PRIOR to Hire.

Additional Cleaning Fees may apply.

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring:

  • Bedding – Sheets/ Doonas;
  • Bedding – Sheets/ Doonas;
  • Towels – Bath & Beach;
  • Food / Drinks;
  • Clothing;
  • Board Games, and
  • A Good Book

How Does The TV Work?

The tv /dvd players run on 240v or 12v . the aerial can be built in wind up style or an aerial fitted to the van exterior. Please take note reception may not be available in some areas due to signal strength.

How Does The Fridge Work?

Most Victorian Caravan Hire caravans are fitted with  3 way fridges.

They can run from 3 different power sources.

  1. 240v Connected through caravan power supply
  2. 12v Battery [you will require operational Anderson plug for this to operate, please discuss prior to pick up ]
  3. Gas runs off a gas cylinder stored on the caravan

These fridges require about 5-6 hours to cool down and operate best out of direct sun

Will air conditioners/heating run off battery packs??

No all air conditioners/heating units require 240v to operate

Will the microwave run off the battery packs??

No all microwaves require 240v Vans with inverters can run the microwave refer to van specs for details

What if I have a problem whilst away?

We have a 24 Hour Message Service which will be checked regularly. Call Vin 0448 685 951.

What if I want to stay longer?

Please Call Vin 0448 685 951. If the van you have is not booked – we will be happy to extend your stay. Payment arrangements will need to be made.


The Caravan needs to be returned in the same condition it was in when you hired it. To avoid having to find the time, & the inconvenience at the end of your holiday, Let us do the cleaning for you. We will clean the van inside & out upon return, we charge $55.00 per hour. Because we are so good at it & well set up for it, on average it takes 2 ½ hours. Caravans requiring cleaning on return will have cleaning fees deducted from security bond.

Hirer’s Contents

Victorian Caravan Hire can take no responsibility for valuables left in or stolen from the caravan. Insurance on personal property is the Hirer’s Responsibility.

Goods left in the caravans will only be held for 21days after caravan return.( We can arrange postage of goods if required [fees apply] please enquire)

Didn’t Find What You’re Looking For?

Didn’t find what you were looking for call,text Vin 0448685951 or shoot me an email by filling out the form here.